Ag Expo Center board approves agreements to move forward

Ag Expo Center

It's been one of the centerpieces of Sioux City's economic development plans for the downtown re- investment district.

it's important to note that the Ag Expo Center is moving forward.

Earlier today the expo board approved four agreements that are critical to the facility.

Shortly after, those agreements were adopted by the city council.

The expo center was originally planning to have an equestrian arena but plans have been changed to reduce or eliminate the space designated for that.

Economic Director Marty Dougherty says the arena will be able to hold different sporting events and activities.

"The final design isn't complete yet, so the actual size continues to change a little bit even just recently. It's a little smaller facility but with a large arena it's got larger. So we think it's more versatile," Dougherty says.

Council members are looking forward to see the future of the facility.

"I think that's going to be a good choice they just have to raise some more money and that shouldn't be a problem as it sounds. I'm just ready for them to get moving on with it so we can see everything in a process and get moving forward," says Capron.

Dougherty says the cost of the overall facility has been reduced by the recent changes they've made but should be around eleven to twelve million dollars.

They're using funds from a public and private partnerships, city and county grants, the private sector and donations.

The arena will sit near the old stockyards and should be completed in 2019.

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