Air Force JROTC holds emotional Veteran's Day ceremony

Air Force picture.PNG

Sioux City's Air Force Junior ROTC detachment held their own ceremony to honor veterans, this one at the Sioux City Public Museum downtown.

One veteran in attendance was impressed at the student cadets' skill in arranging the ceremony.

"It was amazing, very impressive ceremony. I had no idea we had an ROTC program in the high schools and those kids did a wonderful job, especially since it's only a two or three year old program," said Navy Veteran Marvin Heidman.

For Superintendent Doctor Paul Gausman, seeing his students put together and perform this ceremony for the community and our veterans could be summed up in one word, emotional.

"I'm so proud of the students and the hard work that they've put in to designing and presenting this ceremony. So, proud of all of the veterans that were in attendance and all of the members of the military. So very proud to have members of our city council, our mayor, our school board and especially the crew of the U.S.S. Sioux City with us for our first ever ceremony,"said Dr. Gausman.

The Junior R-O-T-C will also be holding a 24 hour vigil at the Sergeant Floyd Monument here in Sioux City beginning at 5:00 P.M. tonight.

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