Woodbury County couple plans to build an arena and event complex near Anthon

Horse Arena and Event Center Complex rendering provided by Woodbury County

While Sioux City is in the process of trying to build a new Ag Expo and Learning Center at the site of the old John Morrell plan, there are now plans to build an arena and event complex near Anthon.

425, that's the amount of acres in this Anthon property owned by Cynthia and Patrick DeRocher.

An Anthon couple who's looking to develop a Horse Arena and Event Center Complex right at their very own home.

We reached out to the family, but haven't received any responses yet.

John Pylelo who's worked closely with the family is Director of Planning and Zoning for Woodbury County, says the couple wanted to provide a facility for that part of the area as a way to give back to the community.

"Pat's intent is not to make money on this endeavor he just wants to be able to provide these types of facilities," said Pylelo.

Facilities that would provide 40,000 plus square feet of arena, meeting space, apartments, campgrounds, a recreational park and much more to fill the 425 acres located just two miles north of Anthon at 1953 Wolf Creek Trail.

"What's unique about this project is this is the same 425 acres that the DeRocher family lives on. So they will live with this facility and be the general managers, operators and owners."

Pylelo says county and city officials this is a great opportunity to bring a unique group of people to our area, who are interested in outdoors and agriculture.

"If the Derochers decide that area could be used for wedding receptions, local auctions, any type of public meeting space that's required," said Pylelo.

Currently, the county is awaiting assements and an easement review.

Once those are all in place, the Derocher will be able to submit a building permit before starting construction.

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