April Blizzard: Wind and snow brought a spring challenge to Siouxland

PHOTO: Bob Majeres via Chime In

An April blizzard in Siouxland has left us digging out once again this year and hopefully for the final time.

Many roads in and around Siouxland were either closed or listed as travel not advised through much of the day because of the blizzard conditions.

A box truck that rolled off of Interstate 29 just inside the South Dakota boarder near our studios.

The driver did not receive any serious injuries.

This wasn't the only accident due to the storm. Rescuers from Sergeant Bluff, Salix and Sloan responded to a three-car accident around 2:15 PM on I-29 that slowed traffic near Salix.

An Iowa State Patrol car was damaged in an accident Saturday afternoon.

The Sergeant was out of his vehicle checking on an accident when a vehicle traveling too fast slid into the rear of his patrol car.

Three people in that car were treated with minor injuries.

The Trooper was not injured in the accident.

High winds made it nearly impossible to see anything, both on the interstate and the highway.

Streets through Sioux City weren't much better. City crews were out keeping the streets as clear as the could throughout the afternoon and will continue to work through the night.

Up the road in Kingsley, Iowa, snow was seen blowing across the roads through town.

Drifts were also quickly forming on the main roads, making travel hazardous.

City and county crews were also working to keep the streets and the highway clear throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

And While many Siouxlanders stayed indoors, first responders across Siouxland hit the roads to make sure those who did venture out stayed safe.

While on the roads, many were taking to social media to give an update on weather and road conditions.

Roads across Siouxland are still slick and some even snow covered tonight.

Siouxlanders also sent us some great photos and videos from the snow storm.

Check them out below!

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