Arnold's Motor Supply celebrates 90 years

Arnold's Motor Supply celebrates 90 years

In 1927, a company was formed in the back of a truck.

That company Arnold's Motor Supply turned 90 today.

To keep your car sounding like this., you've probably been here, to Arnold's Motor Supply.

The organization has grown to become one of the Midwests top seller of automotive parts.

On this day they celebrate their 90th anniversary, no small feat considering the beginnings of the now industrial giant.

"It's hard to imagine that a company that started out in the back of a car, going around to customers and selling $65 worth of auto parts to what it is today. It's very humbling actually," said managing partner Dennis Spooner.

This 90 year old tradition started with Arnold himself and his focus on service, which is now a staple for Arnold's Motor Company.

"Today we have a slogan that says "Service is the difference" and it's not just a marketing slogan it really is who we are and so I think we are to be successfully be that today is because he started us with that and established that as a priority," said Vice President of Information Systems Eric Johnson.

To honor the anniversary the company went "home" to Spencer where nearly 800 former and current employees met to celebrate the anniversary.

"Being part of the company, it's the best company I've ever worked for. Everyone's like family here, treats you very nice people do. We're one big family," said store manager Mike Kor.

"I've been with the company for 29 years and I can't say anything bad about the company at all, it's a great company to work for," said store manager Brian Millard.

The celebration continued with tours of the ever growing Arnold's Motor Supply, showing employees the latest and greatest and showcasing which direction the company is heading.

"Lot of the changes that are happening we have to stay ahead of that curve so that our people can answer those questions, so we don't see any drastic changes in this sense of how we go to business, we do see changes in what wer're selling. At it's core it's still the same business we started over 90 years ago."

A business that only has one thing in mind.

"We're all about keeping people on the road"

The celebration concluded with a banquet for all the guests who made the trip to celebrate the 90th.

The banquet included pictures from today's event and a brief history of the company showcasing how much it has grown in the last 90 years.

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