Babies celebrate their first Halloween in a local NICU

Babies celebrate their first Halloween in a local NICU.

The babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UnityPoint Health St. Luke's celebrated their first Halloween today, and got into the spirit of things.

Hospital staff brought Halloween to these babies by dressing them up in tiny costumes for the festive celebration.

Teresa Streeter, NICU clinical educator explains why it's such a fun time of the year in the NICU, "It's just so much fun for us to be able to celebrate, all babies celebrate their first milestones and first holidays. Up in the NICU it's extra special because it can be an extra stressful time for parents. So we love to be able to celebrate holidays."

With parents documenting most of babies firsts, the nurses in the NICU wanted to make sure this Halloween was extra special for these children and parents.

For one mom being able to celebrate with her child dressed in full costume gave her a sense of normalcy.

Leah Hudelson explains why, "It's fun, it means a lot, life up in the NICU is definitely a different world, and to be able to do somethings that are still normal is nice."

The NICU has been dressing the babies up in costumes for years now, but the fun doesn't only come on Halloween.

Babies also take part in Easter and Christmas with the hospital always having special costumes ready to go.

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