Woodbury County Board of Supervisors discuss an EMS proposal for rural cities


Efforts to create a new Emergency Paramedic Services Fund is in the works by the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors.

During a town hall meeting in Lawton, supervisors and city mayors from surrounding towns gathered to discuss how they will approach emergency services since Sioux City is developing their own paramedic services.

At the meeting they outlined a proposal that would require participating cities to make a decision on how they will handle ambulance service.

"We talked about some potential issues coming up next year for our budget, and one of those was the ambulance issue; and how we are going to come to a collaborative approach and involve the rural mayors, and do so in a way that fair and equitable in order to fund this in a way that is sustainable," said Matthew Ung, Board Chairman.

We also spoke with the Lawton's mayor, Dale Erickson, about the discussion and his thoughts on the proposal.

"Being on the ambulance squad, it’s nice to know that they are trying to work towards something."

The biggest concern is getting mutual care between rural counties. City leaders say they will continue EMS discussions in the coming weeks.

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