Boys and Girls Club receive special gift


It's a popular activity during the holidays: going to the theater and watching a new movie.

But those good times aren't always affordable for some.

Now, a local business is giving some kids that opportunity.

The Boys and Girls Club of Siouxland received a very special gift from a local business: their very own showing of Star Wars: Rogue One.

As a kid, it's always a blast going to see a movie. Many dream of being the only ones in the theater, and that dream became a reality for kids in the Boys and Girls Club.

Mills-Shellhammer-Puetz, a local insurance agency, treated over 130 kids to a private screening of Star Wars: Rogue One.

"We got a call from Casey Mills, who works at Mills-Shellhammer-Puetz and happens to be on our board, and wanted to do something really nice for our kids. They wanted to take them to a movie, and we were ecstatic for something fun. They don't often get a lot of chances to come to these movies," said Eldon Bensen, the Chief Professional Officer for the Boys and Girls club of Siouxland.

The kids knew they were going to see a movie, but they didn't know which movie it was until they arrived.

"They told us before, but now that we are actually doing it, I think it's exciting," said Tanner Brooke, a member of Boys and Girls Club.

Some of these kids have never seen Star Wars before, making the trip a whole new experience.

"I'm kinda nervous to watch it because it's going to be hard for me to catch up because I've never seen Star Wars," said Christina Bell, a member of Boys and Girls Club.

This isn't the first time some of the kids in Boys and Girls Club have gone to a movie.

"I went to The Force Awakens last year with the club. They announced it before, but I didn't realize that the whole club was going," said Ernesto Hernandez, a member of Boys and Girls Club.

Bensen says he is greatful for this opportunity provided to his kids.

"We just want to provide opportunities that they might not otherwise have if it wasn't for these wonderful people in the community that are willing to give to the club," said Bensen.

The kids didn't have to run rogue while watching the movie. They were provided with popcorn and a drink, as well as a Christmas gift they'll probably remember for a long time.

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