Bullying Policy: How South Sioux City combats the issue

Bullying Policy: How South Sioux City combats the issue

A proactive approach to bullying has helped keep the ongoing problem of bullying out of the South Sioux City school district.

Very few times have bullying cases occurred in the district for South Sioux City but when they do they are well prepared to handle the incidents.

Growing up you may have been bullied or know someone who was, it's a problem in many schools and a tough one to deal with.

For the staff in the South Sioux City school district their proactive approach to bullying keeps them ahead of the issue.

Counselor Ryan Vondrak said, "I think the first process would be to sit down and investigate the situation case by case, talk to all parties involved and kind of see what are all the details."

And it's not the just the students who bring acts of bullying to the faculty's attention, parents are encouraged to come talk about any instances of bullying with the staff in South Sioux City.

"As soon as we know about it, we can take action and look into what happened at school. If we don't know about it, we can't look into it. So of course we want our students to tell us when it happens at school, if that doesn't happen and they mention it at home to mom and dad we'd like a phone call so that we can look into immediately, said Student Services Director Beck Eckhardt.

Part of South Sioux City's success in combating bullying is their programs that help teach students about bullying and what they can do if these incidents happen.

Counselor Tammy Carson said, "We teach them how to respond to different comments and actions and things, also who to talk to, we try to like I said, front load and give them as many resources as they can have."

In the end it's about keeping kids safe and providing an enviroment where students can thrive in their education.

"We really want all of our kids to feel like when they come to school this is a safe environment, we know that when they are in a safe environment, they're more likely to learn and we have higher achievement," said Eckhardt.

We reached out to the Sioux City school district to learn more about their bullying prevention policies but they were not available for an interview.

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