City council considers infrastructure projects

Sioux City City Council Meeting.PNG

Sioux City's City Council had infrastructure projects on their agenda tonight.

The council dealt with the convention center's new parking facility behind the proposed new Marriott hotel, plans to build a new parking ramp near the Hard Rock, and the renovation of the Warrior Hotel.

And they decided to move forward with all of them.

A big concern was where people visiting Sioux City's convention center will park as crews work on building a two story parking facility.

Currently, there are roughly 900 parking spaces in the area excluding parking spaces on the streets outside the convention center.

Council member Alex Watters said, "I think that as a community we're going to go through growing pains and I think that could be a good thing. I'm excited about the change. I understand it's easy to get frustrated over street closures and worry about parking and things like that but we're growing as a community."

The City will now move forward with the bidding process for that structure which they hope to have back in a few months.

The Council also approved a recommendation by the Planning and Zoning committee to approve the site plan for a new parking ramp near the Hard Rock at 3rd and Pearl Streets.

Watters said, "I'm excited about the project. I think it'll bring a new dimension to that area. I think it'll provide not only additional parking for Tyson Event Center as well as the Hard Rock but I think with the retail space available it'll also bring different amenities that aren't down there right now."

City staff assured council members that traffic signs and lights will be installed on 3rd Street for traffic and pedestrians.

Finally, the Council officially removed a decades-old demolition order on the Warrior Hotel which a developer told the Council was getting in the way of financing for renovations to the building.

Council member Dan Moore said, "The red tag still remains on the Warrior Hotel. It will remain until all the renovations are completed, that they have an occupancy permit and that they're open for business."

The hope and expectation is that the newly renovated Warrior Hotel will be up and running by Christmas of 2019.

The Council's vote on all three items was unanimous with council member Dan Moore abstaining from votes on the Hard Rock parking garage and the Warrior Hotel renovation due to a conflict of interest.

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