City council has decided the fate of the former YMCA building

City council has decided the fate of the former YMCA building.

Tonight the Sioux City City Council gave the go ahead to demolish the former YMCA building on Nebraska Street.

The council initially deferred the demolition of the vacant building in July.

Conditions in the building have left it unsafe, and asbestos inside the building is also a major safety issue.

Code Enforcement Manager Darrel Bullock had this to say, "It is an unsafe structure and we do have a number of times where we have to respond to the building being broken into, vagrants inside of the building, which it is dangerous, open stairways, open elevator shafts, as well as other hazards such as asbestos that's airborne in there once there's foot traffic in the building."

Several developers have offered plans for the building.

Tonight's demolition order doesn't mean those plans can't move forward if funding is secured.

No date has been set for the actual demolition.

Bullock says the soonest it can happen is about a year from now.

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