City unveils plans for reconstruction between 18th and 24th of Pierce St.

City Planning More Work on Pierce St.

Just a week after cutting the ribbon on a major refurbishment of Pierce Street next to Unity Point Health- St. Luke's Hospital, city engineers have unveiled plans to rebuild another portion of that street.

On Thursday city engineers showed plans for the reconstruction of Pierce Street between 18th and 24th, a project they hope to start in May and finish sometime in 2020. It still has to be approved by the City Council. Planners say they'll submit it once the public has had a chance to make suggestions.

"It's great to be able to get the citizen's input from here when we're designing that and looking at which features we want added with the bump outs, also with the stop signs, getting that input to kind of drive those decisions is very important,” said Senior Planner, Chris Madsen.

The city considers that part of Pierce Street to be an urban renewal area. But city engineers are still is looking for input from home and businesses owners in that six- block stretch to reduce the project's *impact* on them during construction.

"Get it a cleaner, newer view for the whole street. It helps bring up the feel of everything in that neighborhood,” said City Engineer, Gordon Phair.

The sidewalks and utilities in that area would also be replaced. Plus, new streetlights and other streetscaping projects will be added to help beautify that quarter- mile stretch of Pierce Street.

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