Congressman King talks about Cruz's ethanol position

Steve King

Iowa's governor tried to derail Ted Cruz's Iowa caucus victory because of the Texas Senator's opposition to renewable fuels. But the congressman who represents northwest Iowa says Cruz's stance could be a good thing down the road.

4th District Congressman Steve King appeared with Cruz at numerous campaign events across the state, and stood with Cruz during his victory speech after defeating Donald Trump in Iowa.

King told Siouxland News reporter Jacob Heller that Cruz's position will actually be good for the industry in the long run.

"There's an argument to be made that in the short term, whether it's better or worse for our markets in the short term with ethanol, but over the longer haul, the second half of the first decade and beyond, there's no question that Ted Cruzy's policy, especially in corn-based ethanol, is the best policy by far of any presidential candidate that competed here in Iowa."

You can hear more from Congressman King throughout the weekend on Siouxland News and we'll also be posting his entire interview online.

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