Council approves private management of Tyson and Orpheum

Council approves private management of Tyson and Orpheum

After postponing the decision last week, Sioux City's City Council has made up its mind on who will manage the city's three events facilities from now on.

One week after the item was deferred, the city council voted unanimously to begin negotiations with Philadelphia- based Spectra.

That company will take over management of the Tyson Events Center and Orpheum Theatre.

The council's four-zero vote did not include Mayor Bob Scott who abstained because he owns the Sioux City Bandits, who play home games at the Tyson.

During the vote, each council member explained their reasons for choosing Spectra and all four agreed that having current events facilities employees keep their jobs is a top priority.

Councilmember Alex Watters said, "Ultimately, what it comes down to to me, and one of the biggest things is just making sure that our employees that are working hard are taken care of and that we're set up to offer the best events and facilities department that we can. "

During the discussion of the possible move before the vote, some people expressed concern over how many current staff would keep their jobs including current events facilities executive director, Erika Newton.

Spectra said, "As we told the city, we would be retaining everybody and I would say that includes Erika. So again, I think staff will have the opportunity to say that they want to stay with us as well and we look forward to further discussions with Erika. I know our staff is planning to meet with her tomorrow."

Spectra says they are willing to match wages and work with employees once the contract is made.

They will be putting a contract together tomorrow and hope to have it completed for the council's approval within 30 to 60 days.

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