Courthouse security update

Courthouse security update

Another update in the latest gun ban in the Woodbury County courthouse, the Law Enforcement Center and the Trosper Hoyt building as Sheriff Dave Drew spoke to the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors expressing his strong desire to not allow weapons in those buildings.

Sheriff Dave Drew and Supervisor Jeremy Taylor were very vocal tonight regarding providing security in those buildings where guns are allowed according to the Judge's most recent order.

Sheriff Drew says the Judge's order states that their must be screening into all three buildings since they all contain courts. The Sheriff says he has spoken to the public and has not found a single person who thinks guns should be allowed in the courthouse.

Sheriff Drew said, "It's a nightmare to try to make us escort people with a gun and hope that they don't get off on the wrong floor subject to arrest. We just think, and I believe the public supports the Sheriff, is that guns don't belong in the courthouse and we're not going to change that."

The Sheriff also said the security screening in buildings where permitted guns are allowed could cost up to one million dollars.

Supervisor Jeremy Taylor questioned this and said, the order does not state that the Trosper Hoyt and Law Enforcement Center must have screening in place.

Supervisor Taylor said, "I think it's important for the public to understand that that $600,000-$1,000,000 cost is not related to what the Judge put in his order but is adding two separate buildings where we've never had electronic monitoring."

Supervisor Taylor says he thinks there will be very few people who carry their guns into the permitted public areas.

The Supervisors will make a final decision regarding the gun issue at next Tuesday's meeting.

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