UPDATE: River too dangerous to send divers in to search for car

Crews search river for submerged car

UPDATE 10/18/2017 11:30 a.m.:

Sioux City Police and Sioux City Fire Rescue are working with the Siouxland Dive Rescue Team as well as multiple other agencies to explore what options are available to evaluate the bottom of the river where authorities believe a vehicle may be located.

The area identified by sonar is in the middle of the fastest portion of the river current, which makes it too dangerous to send divers in at this time.

If you know of anyone missing, or may match the vehicle description, or have any information, please call the Sioux City Police Department at 712-279-6960.


Another day of searching has been called off early, with no recovery of a car that may have crashed into the Missouri River just over 24 hours ago.

Boat crews identified what possibly could be the outline of a vehicle in the Missouri River.

Sioux City Fire Rescue was out around 9:00 this morning looking for the car that went into the river last night.

After about two hours of searching one of the boats using sonar technology detected a ping about forty feet away from shore in the middle of the Missouri.

A dive team was brought in to try and identify what the ping was from but water conditions made diving today extremely risky.

"Where the ping was found is in the worst possible spot in the river. The currents about six or seven knots, six or seven in that area. It's about forty foot out from shore. It's just in the worst spot, diving in that kind of condition is the worst possible diving that you could do," said Aaron Lisle, President of the Siouxland Dive Rescue Team.

Lisle said that if the conditions are better tomorrow the dive may take place with another qualified diver coming in to try and locate what the ping was from.

We will continue to bring you the latest but for now the search is suspended and we will have to wait for the dive teams final recommendations.

Update 10/17 1pm:

Crews have suspended the search for the vehicle in the Missouri River.

Sioux City Fire Rescue tweeted that boat crews identified what could possibly be the outline of a vehicle in the water.

Dive teams will need to confirm and it is too dangerous to go down there today.

Authorities have pulled all the boats from the river until tomorrow.

UPDATE 10/17/2017 10:00 a.m.:

Sioux City Police, Sioux City Fire Rescue, DNR, as well as the Woodbury County Sheriffs Office have resumed the search for the vehicle as of 9:00 a.m.

Boats are equipped with side scan sonar. The un-evenness of the banks, as well as the bottom of the Missouri River makes locating a submerged vehicle very difficult, but teams will continue to search.

The Sioux City Police Department has had no reports of any missing persons matching the description of the vehicle.

If you know of anyone missing, or have any information, please call the Sioux City Police Department at 712-279-6960.


That crash happened just after 4 this afternoon.

Sioux City Police tell us witnesses across the river in South Sioux City's Scenic Park reported seeing a brown two door car enter the water.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Sioux City Fire Rescue, and the South Sioux City Fire Department had boats out for about two hours to try and find the car before darkness forced them off the water. Right now, police say they don't know if the car was occupied when it hit the water, but are treating it as if someone was inside.

Sgt. Jeremy McClure said, "If the car is located they will call in a dive and rescue team to try and recover that. Given the time we are treating this as a recovery operation now. Sioux City police department investigated it as an accident until we have further information that's how we'll proceed with our investigation."

Divers were unable to approach the area today due to unsafe currents.

The search for that car will resume sometime tomorrow.


This afternoon, just about 4:15 p.m. , rescue crews responded to a call for a report of a vehicle that entered into the Missouri River.

Emergency responders and marine boats are currently searching the river, but have found nothing so far.

Witnesses say that the vehicle left the roadway at the end of Floyd Blvd. and quickly submerged.

The car is described as a small two door brown car. The number of occupants are unknown.

If you have an information or saw anything please call Sioux City Police.

Siouxland News has a crew on scene and will update this story with any new details .

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