Dakota County Attorney trying to find justice for slain sister

Dakota County Attorney trying to find justice for slain sister

She's the top prosecutor in Dakota County, Nebraska.

But now the fight against crime is taking on a very personal meaning for Dakota County Attorney Kim Watson and her family.

She's hoping investigators can solve her sister's murder.

It's a story you'll only see on Siouxland News and hear on KSCJ Radio.

In July, Dakota County Attorney Kim Watson and her family were informed that Watson's sister Nanette had died in a fire at her Louisiana home.

They say there's much more to her death and they'll do all they can to find the truth.

Nanette's father Dan said, "When Steve told me she had died in a house fire, I knew she had been murdered that minute. There was no question I believed Kim and Lisa, Marsha, we all knew, Randy, we all knew it was murder."

When Dan Watson got the news from his son in law Steve that Nanette Watson Krentel had died, Watson was immediately suspicious of the man who was the fire chief in Lacombe, Louisiana, near New Orleans.

Family members describe Nanette Watson Krentel as a loving wife and preschool teacher.

But on July 14th the Krentel home burned down and Nanette's body was found in the rubble with her two cats and dog.

It wasn't until the family attended her funeral they learned Nanette's body had been released to be cremated with no official cause of death.

"She had been getting some threats and wasn't feeling safe, didn't want dad to come down to visit. I tried to get her to come here, you know, bring your pets come visit awhile, just until you feel like your safe down there, "Oh I'm safe as long as I'm in my house. Something just wasn't right that whole week we were there trying to figure out what was going on," said Kim Watson, Nanette's sister.

The Watson's hired their own private investigator and coroner who went to Louisiana to get answers, finally leading the local coroner to rule Nanette had been killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

Dan Watson said, "I really feel that there's a lot of politics right now that are going on down there. Tips are all over the place down there if they would just go look for them and then it's just going to be shoved under the rug and forgotten."

Authorities say Nanette's husband Steve has been cleared, but the Watson's say there are still more questions than answers.

"We'd call the sheriff, we'd call the fire marshall, we couldn't really get confirmation on any of the things Steve was telling us," said Kim Watson.

And without that, the Watson's are still demanding answers.

"I know things aren't right I can't tell you who's pulling the strings on it though," said Dan Watson.

No other suspects have been identified.

Dan and Kim continue to push investigators to followup on more leads and they've even talked about going to Washington to meet with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who is head of the senate judiciary committee.

The family has also created a Facebook page called "Justice for Nanette."

They're asking anyone with tips to go to that Facebook page and message them.

LINK: https://www.facebook.com/justice4nan/

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