Democratic nominee for Neb. Governor stops in Siouxland

Democratic nominee for Neb. Governor stops in Siouxland

The Democrat's nominee for Nebraska Governor Bob Krist was in Sioux City Wednesday morning.

Krist's visit comes after his win in the primary election last night made the metro a part of his ten city, three-day tour across Nebraska.

Krist says his main focus will be on property tax reform if he's able to defeat incumbent Republican governor Pete Ricketts.

"We'll see what happens in the general. We're going to go out there, eyeball to eyeball and make sure we earn their trust and get one vote at a time. The stakeholders are educators, their senators, their farmers, their ranchers, their doctors, their lawyers, they're coming together and saying taxes are too high it's driving me out of the state," said Krist.

Krist, an Air Force veteran, will be piloting his own aircraft on the tour, making stops in Bridgeport, Scottsbluff, and Grand Island.

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