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Dordt students competing on Domino Masters on KPTH Fox 44

Dordt students are set to compete on the Fox TV show Domino Masters on Wednesday, March 23rd. (Siouxland News)
Dordt students are set to compete on the Fox TV show Domino Masters on Wednesday, March 23rd. (Siouxland News)
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In Sioux Center, Iowa, a couple of Dordt University students have managed to turn elaborate domino trails into a YouTube channel with more than 200,000 subscribers.

Now the duo has a chance to win $100,000 on the new Fox TV show called Domino Masters.

It’s something that most people have done at least once in their life - set up and knock down some dominoes.

Twin brothers Derek and Alex Koops have taken things a few steps beyond simple domino setups.

The two have been constructing domino builds for more than 10 years.

Starting in their small, the operation quickly grew.

"When we first started building dominoes we only had Jenga blocks and the old classical dominoes that we built with," said Alex Koops. "We would normally set them up in the garage while our dad was at work and his car wasn't taking up all the room. Sometimes we built in the kitchen and then eventually our parents cleared out a separate family room that wasn't used too often and that's been the room we've used ever since."

Where did they first find inspiration to start building?

While watching TV.

"We were watching America's Got Talent and there was this guy on the show named Kinetic King and he built all sorts of kinetic contraptions and chain reactions. We thought that was super cool and we wanted to try it ourselves," said Derek Koops. "So we began building some of the stuff that we saw. We eventually set up our YouTube channel and the rest is history."

That YouTube channel, DaksDominos, is what caught the eye of producers for the Domino Masters TV show, who reached out and offered the pair a casting interview.

After a year of waiting, between being cast and shooting the show and taking a semester off of school to do so - their episodes are finally completed.

Don’t try asking the pair what happens on the show, though, because their lips are sealed.

"We live in Sioux Center. It's a smaller town, so word travels fast about us being on the show" said Derek.

"At first, we had to keep it a secret that we were even on a TV show," said Alex. "And then, a few months back, we were finally able to tell everyone that we're on the show and now we have friends asking us 'did you win,' or 'did you make it this far?' And we just have to keep our mouths shut. We can't say anything.

You can catch the Koops brothers on Domino Masters Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on KPTH Fox 44.

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