E-Cig device popular among youth, health experts warn about "Juuling" trend

    E-Cig device popular among youth, health experts warn about "Juuling" trend

    E-Cigarettes are becoming increasingly more popular with today's youth, one such product more than the others.

    It's called Juul (Jewel) and I talked with a specialist at Jackson Recovery Centers and learned more about this form of vaping.

    Teens refer to it as Juuling and it's becoming more and more popular throughout the nation.

    The Juul device looks similar to a USB drive and can in fact be charged through a USB port.

    These devices are popping up in schools around the country, with some worrying that this may lead to teens becoming addicted to nicotine.

    "Kids think that they are inhaling just a flavored juice when in fact they are becoming addicted to nicotine. Each one of these pods which is the vaping juice that goes into it has the same amount of nicotine in it as a pack of cigarettes. So that's twenty cigarettes worth of nicotine," said Joy Gonnerman, a Prevention Specialist at Jackson Recovery Centers.

    While Juul is branded towards adults, the device's design and flavors like fruit medley, mango, and strawberry silk may tell a different story.

    "Most kids that do vaping or Juuling will also try tobacco products. And one of the biggest challenges is that those who are hoping kids will stay safe, this is kind of starting to normalize smoking," Gonnerman said.

    According to the National Youth Tobacco survey, over 2 million youth were e-cigarette users as of 2016.

    Jackson Recovery says it's working with the Iowa Department of Public Health to spread this information across the state.

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