Error delays Woodbury County budget

    Error delays Woodbury County budget

    There's been a snag in efforts to give a raise to elected county department heads in Woodbury County and now there's a time crunch as well.

    The Board of Supervisors says it can't accept the recommendation from the county's compensation board because of a procedural problem. That's because only three of the six board members voted in favor of the raises. It needs four votes in favor. Supervisors Chairman Matthew Ung says this is frustrating because it puts a crunch on setting the county's new budget.

    "This is unfortunate. In the past I've noticed that other counties typically meet for this proposal earlier on in November or December but ours decided to wait and this is what happens when you wait," said Chairman Ung.

    Ung says the supervisors only have until March 15th to set the new budget. Meanwhile, the compensation board is expected to hold another vote on those raises next week.

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