Expanding beyond Siouxland, 'Gnarly Pepper' creator has exciting plans for the future

Expanding beyond Siouxland, 'Gnarly Pepper' creator has exciting plans for the future

We first introduced you to this Dakota Dunes start-up last winter, and now, a year later, a lot has changed for Gnarly Pepper.

Sara Gotch, creator of Gnarly Pepper, was last years first place ' Swimming with the Sharks' winner for her creation of a healthy blend of everyday dips and condiments and pairing them with non-fat Greek yougurt.

Her product is more convenient, and much healthier.

"Using plain Greek yogurt that is gluten free contains 130 calories different from other alternatives that range from 420 to 1200 calories," said creator Sara Gotch.

After winning Innovation Market, Sara went to University of Iowa's Venture School to grow her business even more.

It gave her more knowledge on a business level and helped grow her professional network.

"So its kind of a learning in process, but I think you have an advantage if you do not know the business you are diving into and you take challenging and risks not knowing if that's right or wrong," Gotch said.

In just a few short years, Gnarly Pepper has grown from a local business to a product found nationwide.

"Since last year, I have actually increase my store locations to 33," Gotch said. "I'm in South Dakota, the Midwest, Iowa, New Hampshire, and now currently in California."

Gnarly Pepper continues to grow, with the latest addition being the new single serve tear packets.

And more exciting news for Gnarly Pepper?

So, I have some really exciting news for Gnarly Pepper. Being in Silicon Valley, I actually submitted my idea to a pitch event, which will be happening in a couple of weeks and I got accepted. So, I will be pitching at Ebay," Gotch shared.

Does Sara have any words of advice for any growing entrepreneurs?

"If you just ask questions and seek opportunities, a lot of great things can come your way,"

If you would like to know more about Gnarly Pepper and order the products, find them online or on Facebook.

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