Family 411 - Family art projects

Family 411 - Family art projects

Families looking to spend more quality time together are trying something new: “Do-It-Yourself” art projects!

Siouxland News “Family 411” reporter Lu Ann Stoia went to find how “D-I-Y” encourages creative expression and exploration for children and their grown-ups.

Sometimes families just need to get in touch with their creative sides, pick up some tools and work on getting ordinary boards prepared to become keepsakes.

“The tools can be intimidating, but when we start working with them you can sense their relief,” said “D-I-Y” instructor Alexis Vandevelde.

Many families tell us they come back with friends and relatives, because people young and old like to try something new.

“The kids have a chance to kind of get away from TVs and electronics and kind of use some creative juices,” said Wendy Leon, who likes “D-I-Y” projects. “Make something really cool for their bedroom or the house.”

Families say it’s helpful to have the advice of instructors.

“When you are making your board and you don’t know what to do, go ask someone,” said 8-year-old artist Liam Rinehart. “Don’t try and do it by yourself.”

Jason is a teacher and lacrosse coach.

He says working with family on an art project is like a team sport.

“You are kind of looking out for each other, you are encouraging them to try something new, whether it is a color combo or how to use a tool,” said Jason Godwin, who is a father who likes “D-I-Y” projects. “He’s got a razor blade right now, so better keep an eye on him.”

The artists are making memories and in the end have a custom sign they are proud to hang in their home for years to come.

“People get to use their hands, their minds and really put a piece together,” said Vandevelde. “They walk out with just a great sense of confidence and achievement.”

You can jump-start family creativity at home by researching projects on YouTube and other sites.

It can always be fun to take used furniture or electronics and re-purpose those items.

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