Fireworks to be discussed at next City Council meeting

Fireworks to be discussed at next City Council meeting

Fireworks will be back on the agenda this Monday at Sioux City's City Council Meeting.

After several complaints this summer, the council will discuss limiting the time people have to shoot off fireworks during the 4th of July and New Years holidays.

Under the current rules residents can set fireworks off legally from December 30th till January 1st until twelve thirty in the morning for New Year's and from June 24th through July 4th for that holiday.

The new proposal on Monday's agenda would look to shorten both of those periods.

Council Member Dan Moore said, "We had a lot of complaints, more complaints than we had good for you for having them for nine or ten days. And so the proposal is to cut it back to July 3rd and July 4th from 1:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. on those two days."

In the winter time, the new proposal will set that back to December 31st from one in the afternoon till 12:30 in the morning.

Moore said this year has been a good trial run and now tweaks to the ordinance can be made.

"I want the citizens to know we'll try it and if they don't like it, which they didn't, we can make changes. Just like next year if July 3rd and July 4th don't work out for some reason and it doesn't work out the way we think it's going to work out, we can review it year to year. We can always make changes if we need to," said Moore.

This Sunday, December 10th Sioux City residents can start purchasing fireworks for the New Years Eve Holiday from permanent stores only.

Moore said this new proposal stems from the many complaints residents had about fireworks, including about the length of time, as well as noise complaints and littering issues.

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