Future of Tyson Event Center uncertain

After 3 hours of presentations, the future of the Tyson Events Center is still uncertain.

Sioux City's current Events Facilities Director Erika Newton said, "I think that having local control over two of the greatest revenue producing buildings that the city owns is important. I think that the tax payers paid to build the Tyson Event Center. I think that the tax payers should continue to manage it in a way that they see fit."

Newton thinks her department is doing a good job of managing both the Tyson and the Orpheum Theater. She is concerned about possible loss of local control if a private company takes over managing those facilities.

Although no one can predict exactly how a private company would manage the two buildings, she does believe this type of conversation is crucial to have.

"It's good to talk about our successes. It's good to talk about where we can improve. I think it's all healthy conversation and ya know, having a privately managed company here to also generate some discussion I think is good", she said.

One of the private companies being considered to take over the management is Philadelphia- based Spectra.

At today's presentations, that company's employees discussed the growth they believe they could bring.

They estimate they could save the city nearly 250,000 dollars in the first year of private management.

City council member Dan Moore said, "I think we need to look at budgets. I think we need to look hard at numbers. We need to look at what is actually being proposed, what's being guaranteed in quotes, and what the performance will be."

After hours of questions and answers, most everyone involved could agree it was a good, wholesome discussion.

"We all live here. We're all extremely focused on making Sioux City the greatest city it can be and so all of our efforts kind of mirror that," Newton concluded.

Now, another company reportedly in the running to take over management of the Tyson is Ames- based VenuWorks but that company didn't make a presentation this afternoon.

A final decision on the Tyson's management is expected to be made by the City Council later this year.

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