Ghosts and goblins gather for Camp High Hopes Haunted Lodge Party

Ghosts and goblins gather for Camp High Hopes Haunted Lodge Party

Superheroes, monsters, ghosts and goblins came together at the 6th annual Haunted Lodge Party tonight.

The annual fundraiser for Camp High Hopes brings fun and entertainment with a costume contest, lip sync battle a psychic and a lot more.

Tonight's event is one of their biggest events of the year and helps the non-profit make a difference in the lives of kids and adults with disabilities.

"We want folks to come have fun, but we make no secret that this is how we send our campers to camp every year. You're talking kids, teens, and adults with disabilities. So this is a great event to support them, but at the same time have a whole lot of fun. Like we say it's Halloween, everyone dresses up and has a good time," said executive director Chris Liberto.

For Liberto, seeing the campers learn and experience new things at camp every year is what makes Camp High Hopes so special.

"You know camp is definitely a special place. I think each one of us has a reason to really care about Camp High Hopes, and folks who are less fortunate they might have some disabilities. We make sure that they can take part in the archery, take part in the boating and fishing. So there certainly are personal reasons for each and every one of us to get involved," said Liberto.

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