Heart patient encourages people to practice good heart health

    Just by getting your blood pressure checked routinely you can decrease your chances of getting a heart condition. <p>{/p}

    Valentine's Day, chocolate and romance are what most people associate with the month of February, but it's also much more than the holiday of love.

    It's American Heart Month, where health professionals and heart heath patients want to inform people about heart disease because it could happen to anyone.

    Siouxlander Dena Seward has been in the medical field as a registered nurse for the past decade, and she thought she was fine because she kept up with her heart health by doing a stress echo test every year.

    Then last year she found out 98% of her left coronary artery was blocked which led her having open heart surgery last February.

    "I have the gene that causes me to produce more cholesterol then the average person and I also have issues with my liver. It doesn't have the ability to get the cholesterol out of the blood," said heart patient, Dena Seward.

    Seward is encouraging anyone with heart conditions in their family to get tested to make sure they're completely healthy because you never know.

    Just by getting your blood pressure checked routinely, you can decrease your chances of getting a heart condition.

    You can also have other tests done and make sure you exercise and eat healthy foods.

    "What we put in our body goes through our liver goes through our blood system and so it's important you don't put fried foods and greasy cheeseburgers from fast food through there," said Sewerd.

    Sioux City's Mayor Bob Scott proclaims the first day of February as "Wear Red Day" to help raise awareness about heart health.

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