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Heartland Coffee & Nosh brings unique crafted drinks to the table

Heartland Coffee & Nosh
Heartland Coffee & Nosh
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They are a familiar sight in Siouxland and can be found at many of the area's biggest events with hundreds waiting to get their hands on their famous drinks.

It's 8:00 A.M and the morning has already begun for the team behind the Heartland Coffee and Nosh food truck

People are lining up to get a wake up taste of the uniquely crafted beverages and the countless healthy food options

" It really was a collaboration of family sitting around eating morning brunch and brainstorming drinks and flavor,” said Owner, Stacy Ordndorff.

Owner, Stacy Ordndorff says, the vision for a coffee truck began with volunteering at a non-profit coffee house called “Java Hub” that helped kids in rural communities learn more on entrepreneurship

To continue her passion Stacy and her husband bought the truck and transformed it into a family owned business with the same goal.

Heartland Coffee and Nosh launched in April of 2017 and since than spiked support from hundreds online.

"Just more people have catched on and through social media people share stuff and it definitely has spread more since last year,” said Katibree Orndorff, Stacy's daughter.

Coffee and Nosh serves hundreds of people each day and uses locally grown produce and sauces from other vendors in the Sioux City Farmers Market.

Stacy's daughter mixes and blends ingredients for the drinks says her inspiration comes from the community

"I get a lot of inspiration from social media and just hearing other ideas from other people, they inspire me a lot,” said Orndorff.

Their drink menu known for its signature favorites like the Lavender Lemonade and 14K coffee.

Coffee and Nosh is expanding to bigger venues and events such as RAGBRAI and County Fairs; expanding their food options like never before.

" So, we have quality but fast and we try to be friendly as possible and keep customer service good,” said Orndorff.

While the Orndorff's continue their passion of creating one unique cup coffee cup at a time. Siouxlanders continue to line up at the truck for a noshty bite.

"It's like no other, it's fast paced, we like to have fun and I think that attracts lots of people as well.”

If you haven't had the chance to try Heartland Coffee and Nosh for yourself. You can find out where they will be each week by following them on their Facebook page here.

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