Heartwarming welcome home for member of Sioux City's 185th Air Refueling Wing

Heartwarming welcome home for member of Sioux City's 185th Air Refueling Wing

We've all seen those videos of deployed servicemen and women coming home to their families, well today two girls from South Sioux City had their own welcome home moment.

Master Sergeant Shane Potts has been away from his family for a number of months, he has three little girls and a loving wife, today he surprised his two oldest daughters at their school pretending to be a guest reader.

It was a heartfelt welcome home for Master Sergeant Shane Potts and his family.

Potts went to both his daughter's schools to surprise them with his return, he has been deployed for six months and the girls didn't expect him home for another two days.

Potts' wife Michelle said, "It's been a long six months and we've just been so excited to have him back, the girls have missed him, I've missed him. We have an eleven month old baby and so we're just excited to be a family of five."

"I was asking mom how much more day, how much more days, how much more days," said Potts' six year old daughter Malin.

Both girls face lit up when they saw their dad and they were very excited to have him back home.

"Welcome home daddy we missed you", said Malin.

Potts' four year old daughter, Kaylee said, "Welcome home dad I missed you today!"

Master Sergeant Potts will be off for one month, then will be working around the base full time.

It's a relief to Michelle Potts who has been doing the work of both parents while her husband is away

"The girls sometimes at night, you know, they cry and say when's daddy coming home and I can't wait to see him and just everyday, sometimes they'd be upset and I don't want you mom, I want dad," said Michelle.

Now their daughter's wishes have come true and their dad is home and ready to do all the fun stuff he's been missing out on for the last six months.

"Have a tea party," said Kaylee.

"And I say have a play time and open our presents that he gave to us," said Malin.

Michelle Potts said the hardest part was keeping the whole thing a secret, her and Shane both said they wanted to tell their daughters but knew the surprise would be worth it in the end.

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