Helping local armed forces one pitch and base hit at a time

    Helping local armed forces one pitch and base hit at a time

    It was a beautiful day in Siouxland to hit the ball-fields for a good cause.

    Support Siouxland Soldiers is holding their 4th annual Softball for Armed Forces Tournament this weekend, with players from many backgrounds hitting the diamond.

    "We actually have a lot of veterans and military families in Siouxland. About 1 in 10 people is a veteran so it's nice to give back and thank them for their service and what they've done for our country. It's a fun, fun opportunity for everyone to come and play some softball and just support the troops," said Support Siouxland Soldiers Director Sarah Petersen.

    100% of the tournament proceeds stays with the organizations to help local veterans and troops.

    "The people that are serving are from here. And to me, it means a little more that way that they are able to help out their community. If they need something, they can get that help through this program and that's kind of the biggest point about it. To help people who don't have resources readily available," said Tech Sergeant with the US Military Preston Crandell.

    The tournament continues Sunday at Chautauqua Park along the Missouri River in Sioux City.

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