High winds damage buildings in Estherville

    Thursday night's 75 mph winds knocked down this car wash in Estherville, IA.

    Iowa's governor is declaring another disaster in Northwest and North-Central Iowa after severe storms and flooding hit those regions again yesterday.

    One area hit hard was near the Iowa Great Lakes. I spent the day in the city of Estherville in Emmet County, where strong winds caused lots of damage.

    Tim Loock has never seen anything as bad as Thursday night's powerful thunderstorms.

    "We've had high water, but nothing like this," said Loock.

    But last night, those high winds blew the roof off of his family owned business, Imperial Bowling Lanes on 17th street, where he just purchased the new roof, three years ago.

    "Actually honestly, at the start, I didn't know what was going on until after all the damage. It was bad. Right during the start, it was windy, no one could really tell what was going on," said Loock.

    Winds were estimated at about 75 miles per hour, damaging the front part of the building and causing water to leak into the entrance.

    Loock said the damages cost approximately $50,000; he spent his Friday, removing damaged carpets and walls.

    "And the roof itself, it blew on the other side of the building so we had to take it off and throw it in the dump," said Loock.

    Those strong winds also knocked down electrical poles and numerous trees, and destroyed a local car wash in town.

    They hit Estherville minutes after an EF-1 tornado hit the nearby community of Superior in Dickinson County.

    Thankfully there were no reports of any injuries in this area.

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