Historic 4th Street business owner speaks out on Awesome Biker Nights

Historic 4th Street business owner speaks out on Awesome Biker Nights

Many businesses on Historic Fourth Street will no longer be participating in Awesome Biker Nights due to the disruptions from the events.

A letter like the one posted on the Awesome Biker Nights Facebook page was delivered to city council members.

Some of those businesses include, SOHO Kitchen and Bar, Rebos, Studio 427, The Diving Elk as well as Antiques on Fourth.

They agree that Biker Nights blocks the street and storefronts and disrupts their normal hours of business.

"We have been here for about seven years and every time Biker Night's has been here we've been open. We've participated but it has been really hard on our business because our regular customers and our out of town customers who aren't apart of Awesome Biker Nights can't get to us. They have to pay to get in. So we basically lose a whole weekend of sales," said owner of Antiques on 4th, Randy Peters.

Peters says the summer weekends are the best time for him to do business and with the Awesome Biker Nights, he says it just not a great environment for him to attract customers.

The Awesome Biker Nights board will hold a meeting this Sunday to discuss an alternate location for next years event.

The chairman of the board, Brian Hall said he can't believe this letter was presented to the city council saying that this will only hurt the charities.

Buffalo Alice owner Bob Nettleton says he supports Awesome Biker Nights and he never agreed to be added to the letter.

Also listed in the letter was American National Insurance who also say they never agreed to be named in the letter.

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