Holiday package theft prevention

Holiday package theft prevention

The holiday season is often known as a time for giving and for others...taking.

Package theft is a common crime that occurs during the holiday months.

Delivery services notify customers when their package has arrived but no one may be home to pick it up leaving it available for anyone to take.

Officers say thieves have ulterior motives once they get a hold of these items.

Sioux City Officer Andrew Dutler said, "Often times if somebody takes a package they go resell the package to then get some money for themselves and their family. It may pick up due to the fact that people are trying to scrape together some money to buy gifts for themselves or their family members."

While package theft is something to keep in mind, there are a few tips to keep you and your family safe.

Officer Dutler added, "If people are ordering things online or over the phone, and their having them delivered to their house it's always a good idea to schedule some time to be there when the package arrives."

There are many ways you can protect yourself from package theft this holiday season and one of those ways is using a security camera.

And if a security camera isn't in the budget or if you know you won't be home when a package arrives, it's a good idea to have shipments sent to a relatives house who you know will be home.

Or check with your boss and see if you can have packages delivered to where you work.

The United States Postal service also offers a new online service known as "Informed Delivery" which allows you to digitally preview letter sized mail and track and reschedule package deliveries to ensure someone is able to home to receive them.

If you are a victim of this crime, the Sioux City Police Department says to call them on their non- emergency line at 712- 279- 6960 and they'll send an officer to your home.

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