Homecoming celebration for heart transplant recipient

Homecoming celebration for heart transplant recipient

A Sioux City teen is being welcomed home after spending several months in the hospital.

Friends and family of Tyas Reed, came together for his homecoming celebration at the Sanford Community Center.

The 19-year-old had been hospitalized since November, when he received a heart transplant.

Tyas had always had heart problems. In August, he went in for a mechanical valve.

Instead, doctors told him, he needed a new heart.

"I started crying. It was kind of, very emotional. It's just a miracle, couldn't ask for anything better," he said.

Tyas was a patient in Omaha, and went through rehabilitation at Madonna.

His parents say, they're so thankful to have him back home, especially since Tyas has had many heart problems since he was born.

"He's definitely health and we're just so thankful he's here. Very grateful for that," said Raven McFadden, Tyas' mom.

"It's awesome, the community comes out like this, to support us, support Tyas and things we're trying to do for him and we thank everybody for that, and all the love," said Dwan Reed, Tyas' dad.

Tyas, who came home three weeks ago, goes by the nickname Scooper and is a West High School graduate.

He plans to go back to school this summer, to become a cardiac nurse so he can help patients.

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