How 'Flickboards' went from a dad's gift idea for his son to a tailgating must-have

Jim and his son, Brady (7) at a local craft show

"1, 2., 3, and I missed"

'Flickboards' is a game that all you need for hours of play is a chip, a Flickboard and the flick of a finger.

It began in December of 2015 as an idea for a gift for creator Jim Braunschweig's young son and now it has grown in to a thriving business.

"We've now sold over 1,000 different boards, we've done high school, colleges, custom boards, club teams," Braunschweig said.

What makes this product unique is that Braunschweig and his father make them all by hand with his father finishing the wood work for each board.

Flickboards is a family game, giving everyone the chance to step away from electronics.

"It's something you can both bond over and enjoy, so its really neat seeing that," he said.

They sell their boards online and also at events around Siouxland like the Plymouth County Fair.

Does he have any advice for other other entrepreneurs?

" I don't think there is bad ideas but everyone needs a little assistance or could you advice from people who have been there in the past," he advises.

From the Huskers to the Hawkeyes, Flickboards future continues to grow with more colleges and universities joining the league and they hope to launch a hockey version soon.

And one more piece of advice?

"I would tell people to seek events like this, find other local startups, local entrepreneurs and just get engaged," he said.

If you would like to order your favorite team 'Flickboards' for yourself, find them here and follow them on Facebook.

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