Hundreds participate in March for Our Lives in Sioux City

Hundreds participate in March for Our Lives in Sioux City

More than 400 people marched from the Long Lines Family Rec Center, to the Sioux City Public Museum, demanding safer schools and legislation to effectively address the gun violence issues that are rampant nationwide.

"We're saying yes to gun control because we want to feel safe in our schools and public places," said one marcher.

"Help support the young people in making their stand," said one marcher.

"Standing up for what's right, protecting our kids," said Alex Watters, Sioux City council member.

Activists, parents and teachers, and supporters of all ages, rallying from the Long Lines Family Rec Center to the Sioux City Public Museum, as part of the nationwide March for Our Lives student-led event.

"My reason for marching today is for my children," said one marcher.

March for Our Lives was announced four days after the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, where 17 students and faculty lost their lives at the hands of a shooter.

"And I'm sick and tired and my peers are sick and tired of hearing these stories and feeling unsafe for our siblings and feeling unsafe for everybody across the nation," said Kailyn Robert, a student at Morningside College.

At the end of the march, speakers urged participants to register to vote, saying the time to take action for gun reform is now.

Protestors said the country needs those elected officials who are going to stand up for our children and make them safe.

Sioux City School Board Member Perla Alarcon-Flory, said the school district is working to provide safety training and gun violence solutions on campuses.

"There is a re-training across the school district, trying to give more consistency to things, so Dr. Gausman and the administration have been working with some people in the community," said Alarcon-Flory.

As for the future, 10-year-old Langston Saint said, "It's up to you keep us safe, to give us the chance to grow up and become the leaders we deserve. Thank you."

Watch the LIVE videos of the downtown Sioux City march.

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