Ida Grove's King Theatre prepares for grand re-opening one year after heavy storm damage

Ida Grove's King Theatre prepares for grand re-opening one year after heavy storm damage

It's been a little over a year since a heavy storm took out the back wall of Ida Grove's King Theater.

Fast forward to now and the theater has a brand new wall and are just months away from an opening day.

The back wall was completely destroyed and the entire project was in jeopardy at the King Theatre just one year ago.

With a lot of what Doug Clough, the president of the King Theater renovation board, calls sweat equity and some help from the big guy upstairs.

"I looked up at the sky and said Lord please let us have a theater here, of course, I don't have any direct connections to the big guy but I knew there would be a lot of work and a lot of praying going on and luckily enough today, here we are with a theater coming to downtown Ida Grove," said Clough.

The theater is well on it's way to its first showing.

While Ida Grove may not be the biggest town, Clough says there's a lot of social equity in a theater.

"We now have a Farmer's Market on Thursday night, they're going to go to the Farmer's Market then hit movie afterwards. You know, it does connect people, a movie theater is a hub and it has so many different sprockets that go out to different parts of the community that you don't even think of till people start talking," he told me.

One thing the King Theater board focused on was the infrastructure, with the back wall falling just a year ago that was a major concern for Clough.

"When I think about where you and I were at in the back of theater with that big gaping hole, I was trying to figure out how to get beyond that. And we did get beyond it and it's the strongest part of the theater," Clough said.

Obviously the theater project couldn't be to the point it is now without the help of some wonderful donors, with Clough recalling one of his favorite donor stories to me about a former King Theater employee who only wanted one little thing.

"All she wanted was her initials carved in the back of the concession stand, you know, that is something we can do. I mean the romance behind that whole thing, why else do you have a theater besides that kind of reason."

Clough says they are still working on the balcony and have a variety of options for what they plan to do, but says that will be a Phase two plan.

As of now the focus is raising one hundred and twenty five thousand more dollars to the already half a million the board already raised so they can close the construction phase of the project and bring their vision to life.

We are at that point where we know we are going to be showing movies and we also know we'll have the opportunity to entertain as well. We could imagine people coming from big towns to our theater for events because it's going to be that type of venue.

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