IDOT takes part in "Roadcheck" safety event at Salix weigh station

Truckers heading down I-29 are making an extra stop in Siouxland Tuesday.

The DOT weigh station near Salix is fully staffed by Iowa DOT Motor Vehicle Enforcement Officers.

It's part of an international event called "Roadcheck" held the first week of June each year throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

"It's a 72 hour event that checks driver paperwork and also vehicle components. It's to check to make sure the vehicle is safe to operate on the road and the drivers are not over their hours and are qualified," said Sgt. Mike Rader of MVE.

It's not just trucks, commercial passenger vehicles like buses are also inspected during this event as part of efforts to combat human trafficking.

Officers are letting drivers know the warning signs that someone is being trafficked.

"During "roadcheck", 1.5 million commercial motor vehicles are inspected and during that, we do an outreach for human trafficking, called Truckers Against Trafficking. We're looking for things that don't fit, people that don't fit together, they're not related, things that don't make sense, they're not on a trip together, it's not a child and parent relationship," said Sgt. Rader.

In addition to extra staff at the Salix weigh station, the Motor Vehicle Enforcement officers are also conducting more roving patrols during this event.

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