Instrument Petting Zoo

Instrument Petting Zoo

A group of campers at Camp High Hopes got an introduction to the Sioux City Symphony Thursday afternoon.

The symphony brought a selection of instruments to the camp for the campers to try out.

The selections formed an Instrument Petting Zoo, something Camp High Hopes' Sarah Morgan says offers the campers an interesting new experience.

“Yeah we work with the Sioux City Symphony. They have done this in a previous concert, and a previous format before the instrument petting zoo. And I thought it would work really well with our campers. So we worked together to bring instruments. So they can hear, and feel, and learn, and make some funny sounds with the instruments, because that's what camp is all about. It's learning and experiencing new things, and so this is a great partnership."

Among the instruments available to try out were a trombone, a trumpet, a saxophone, a clarinet, a flute and several drums.

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