Iowa Air Guard’s 185th ARW to deploy nearly 300 Airmen

Photo By Tech. Sgt. Oscar Sanchez | U.S. Air Force aircraft on display during an open house event at the Iowa Air

Beginning in October nearly 300 members of the Iowa Air National Guard’s 185th Air Refueling Wing plan to depart Sioux City, for what will be one of the largest deployments in recent history of the unit.

The movement of Airmen from the 185th involves two separate entities. The largest part of the deployment involves nearly 200 members 185th support units including the 185th Construction Engineering Squadron, Food Services, Communications, Supply, and Security Forces personnel as well as members of the Wing staff from Intelligence, Public Affairs, Finance and Chaplains office as well as members from of the 133rd Test Squadron in Fort Dodge.

Unit members will be departing Sioux City and Fort Dodge for numerous locations, primarily in the Central Command area of responsibility in the area of the Arabian Peninsula. They will be stationed in countries like Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

These Airmen will depart for six-month-long deployments beginning in October of this year through January, 2018.

The deployments are part the Air Force’s pre-scheduled deployment period, designated as the units Reserve Component Period.

The Reserve Component Period requires the Air National Guard to provide continuous year round coverage, using units like the 185th to supply predesignated numbers of Airmen based on the kinds of jobs needed throughout the Air Forces global areas of responsibility.

An additional 100 Airman from the 185th Operations and Maintenance groups will deploy for 30 to 120 day deployments. These pilots and aircraft maintainers will be sent to similar locations in the Persian Gulf region, but will also support the continuous bomber presence in the Pacific Ocean at Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.

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