Kay Dee Processing Plant blamed for Gordon Dr. odor

Kay Dee Processing Plant blamed for Gordon Dr. odor

Sioux City is looking to solve a big odor issue in the old Stockyards area.

Dozens of people crossing the Gordon Drive viaduct in the past few months have complained about a bad smell and the city says it's narrowed the source to the Kay Dee Processors plant on the north side of the Viaduct.

Earlier this week Council member Rhonda Capron expressed optimism the smell would soon be dealt with.

"I had a business down in the stockyards for many many years and I can understand the stench and it's not good. So the quicker we can get it done,the better off we will all be," said Capron.

The city has now labeled Kay Dee a "significant odor generator," meaning they've verified at least 21 complaints about the business.

Kay Dee blames winter weather for the smell and says it's working with the city to address the issue.

Under city code, if the smell remains after March 31st, the city could fine Kay Dee up to $1,000 dollars a day that the odor remains.

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