Law enforcement in Nebraska make state's largest bust of fentanyl

courtesy: NSP Twitter

(FOX 42 KPTM)-- The U.S. Attorney's office, members of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and Nebraska State Patrol troopers announced Thursday the state's largest bust of fentanyl.

Court documents spell out the $15 million bust that went down near Omaha's Amtrak station in Little Italy:

It says a DEA agent and NSP trooper were in the station on regular surveillance Wednesday night around 9:00 when they spotted a newer looking, black, unmarked suitcase tucked in the far back of the self-storage area.

Officers say this is a common tactic of people transporting drugs so the bags won't be traced back to them if someone discovers it.

Court documents say the agent and trooper asked each person on the train if the bag was theirs. As they were talking with people, they say Edgar Navarro-Aguirre, 27, walked up to them and said it was his friend's. Documents say he had already told them it was not his.

They say he opened a side pocket on the bag, looked at some clothes and said it was his bag.

The documents say he showed them his boarding pass and ID and answered some questions. They say some of his answers didn't match up with locations on his ticket.

The indictment says the agents then asked to search through the bag, there they say they found 33-pounds of powder that wound up testing positive for fentanyl.

In a press conference Thursday, officials say it would all be worth $15 million on the street.

The agents arrested Navarro on the train.

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