Local cheese maker celebrates expansion

Local cheese maker celebrates expansion

When people think of Iowa they usually think of corn, maybe soybeans.

But did you know it's ranked 8th among the states for cheese production.

Today in Sanborn, Associated Milk Producers Incorporated, or AMPI, celebrated the expansion of it's cheese production facility with a ribbon cutting.

The 14,000 square foot plant has undergone a multi million dollar renovation, which managers call just the first phase of a larger expansion project.

"We recently and are in the process of completing a 14,000 square foot addition and in that addition, we're going to house eight state of the art cheese vats which will, in essence, double our capacity," said division manager Harold Peters.

Peters says AMPI currently produces 1.4 million pounds of milk per day.

And with this new technology, that number will double to 3 million.

He adds he's excited about what the future holds with this new addition.

"Certainly we've been waiting for this a long time. We have the milk, the milk's been available, the new equipment, the new technology, we'll be able to utilize our staff a little bit better. And hopefully, be able to grow and change some of our cheese styles too," Peters said.

People from the local community got a chance to tour the inside of the plant and sample its cheese, milk and even ice cream products.

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