Local voters react to election results


Voters in Iowa set a record for turnout in a midterm election yesterday.

The Iowa Secretary of State's office says more than 1.3 million of the state's 2.1 million eligible voters cast a ballot.

That's a turnout of nearly 61 percent.

There's mixed emotions today for Siouxlanders as the mid-term elections are behind us.

"I wish they would of been different," said voter Traci Kell.

"Yeah I think they went all right," said voter Reinert Kvidal.

"It is what it is," said voter Gabriela Pineda.

"I'm okay with it," said voter Jim Hunter.

Some are content with Governor Kim Reynolds keeping her Governor's spot.

"Well I voted for Reynolds," said voter Kvidal.

While other's aren't.

"I do wish Fred Hubbell would have won also," said Kell.

"I didn't want Kim to get the seat," said Pineda.

Same story for the U-S 4th Congressional race between Republican Congressman Steve King and Democratic Candidate JD Scholten.

"Oh yeah I voted for King," said Kvidal.

"I was upset about Steve King getting back in. JD Scholten made really good progress and it was a really close race," said Kell.

"I wanted Scholten to win," said Pineda.

Siouxlander Jim Hunter says Governor Reynolds winning is the best bet for him."I enjoy the tax cuts. Obviously healthcare is big I'm retired and medicare and I look for additional benefits."

Regardless the vote they're moving forward.

"I think the democrats are making progress," said Kell.

"I voted and I tried to make a difference," said Pineda.

"We'll see how it goes the next two years."said Hunter.

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