Locals tour solar farms across Winnebago community

Locals tour solar farms across Winnebago community

Dozens of people gathered for a tour of several renewable energy sites across the Winnebago community.

The tour started at the solar farm located off Highway 75 at the north end of Winnebago.

The Winnebago Tribe and Ho-Chunk Inc, and other partners made an investment of over $700,000 dollars in 2017, to create one of the largest renewable energy infrastructures in Nebraska.

"Even a community that's small and rural can make large investments in its future, and its help and its people, and the renewable projects that are here today represent that," said Sam Burrish, Ho-Chunk Inc. Communications Manager.

Participants were able to see the 1,000 solar panels installed at 14 locations in the Winnebago community.

Those who participated say, it was a helpful presentation on sustainability and developing clean energy strategies.

"We just recently put a stock well with a solar panel to pump water so we're looking to do some more so this is what I'm looking for, their capacities, so this is really a good learning experience," said David Peterson.

In addition to these projects, they are also looking forward to build a farmer's market structure in the Ho-Chunk Village, with the grant funding they recently received.

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