'Love Your Heart' event raises awareness of heart health

'Love Your Heart' event raises awareness of heart health

Millions of Americans live with heart disease, stroke or cardiovascular conditions. Today, Mercy Medical Center held their annual 'Love Your Heart' event to help promote heart health.

"I did find out that I have additional concerns so I’m very pleased that I came today,” said Mary Ann Niemeier.

Mary Ann Niemeier, a Jefferson award winner, is always helping others in the community but today she was one of the 50 recipients for a free health screening at the Mercy Medical Center, ‘Love Your Heart’ event.

Since October, Niemeier has been under care for heart - related conditions, and says that coming to the event was beneficial to her.

“Not that I got bad reports but that at least I have an awareness to have more things evaluated, “she said.

Mercy Medical Center provided two presentations that emphasized the importance of preventing carotid artery disease and the risks that could lead to it.

“We basically want to teach that prevention is key to heart disease,” said nurse practitioner, Curtis Hoogendoorn.

A live demonstration of a carotid and abdominal screening was presented to show how these screening use sound waves to detect signs before symptoms begin.

Ways to avoid heart disease included exercising daily, monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

“I find that coming to these events is very helpful again not only for myself but for other people who may not want to go to the doctor as often as it might be beneficial to them".

Mercy encourages patients to remain active and take care of themselves to help prevent any future health problems.

“We are always here to help the community or needs anything,” said Hoogendoorn.

For more information on heart health click here.

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