MedPharm hosts forum about medical cannabis dispensary opening in Sioux City

    MedPharm hosts forum about medical cannabis dispensary opening in Sioux City

    A company called MedPharm is getting ready to open the first medical cannabis oil dispensaries in Iowa and one of them will be in Sioux City.

    Representatives answered questions about the medical dispensary at a seminar this evening.

    "Most important part of this program is how is understanding how to even get involved in the first place," says Lucas Nelson, MedPharm Representative.

    Lucas Nelson is a representative with MedPharm explained to Siouxland who's eligible for the use.

    "For anyone who wants to get a card they have to have an approved condition under the Iowa law. This is anything from epilepsy, Parkinson, cancer, MS, HIV, a few others there's a pain category," says Nelson.

    To apply for a card, you will need the approval from a physician then fill out an application.

    Nelson says even though you're provider may give you the approval for the cannabis but they're not allowed to prescribe it to you.

    Dispensary representatives will prescribe your dosage and work with each patient to determine what's right for them.

    "Our products will have CBD and THC in them they'll be different formulations different varieties for different patients," says Nelson.

    Several Siouxlanders in attendance were in favor of the dispensary, like Pat Murphy.

    Murphy is originally from Sioux City but bounced between different states and is now residing in Florida.

    He said he was visiting his parents, when he heard about the seminar and was interested in attending because he's been in the cannabis industry for three years now all because of his late wife.

    "She had the treatment of breast cancer. They gave her so much adriamycin she had congestive heart failure and died not from the cancer but the treatment," says Murphy.

    So he wanted to find an alternative way that wouldn't of killed her.

    "There's got to be an alternative medicine so if it was half the adriamycin she might be alive today."

    Jokingly he said before she passed he didn't think much of the medical cannabis now it's a huge factor in his life because he takes it for arthritis.

    MedPharm says Decemeber first is when the dispensary should be open.

    To learn more you can visit MedPharm's website.

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