Mental health region change?

Mental health region change?

Just one week after the Woodbury County board of Supervisors voted to withdraw from the Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disabilities Services group, the board has taken the next step.

At tonight's meeting the board voted to allow Woodbury county to talk with the Rolling Hills Region about their mental health care.

Supervisors Jeremy Taylor and Supervisor Keith Radig which are the two supervisors currently on the Sioux Rivers region board plan to go to Rolling Hills (which currently serves 7 northwest Iowa counties) as liaisons to assess whether or not Rolling Hills mental health services will be a good fit for Woodbury County and if Woodbury county will be a good fit for them.

Supervisor Taylor said, "Our ultimate goal is to keep high quality services and the people who rely on those services for their mental health needs at the forefront of any discussion that we have and we plan to do just that. "

He also said that this is aimed to be a cooperative relationship between counties and they look forward to the engagement.

The authorization to go forth with this discussion passed on a vote four to zero. Supervisor Marty Pottebaum was not at tonight's meeting.

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