Miracle baby survives multiple brain deformities

Miracle baby survives multiple brain deformities

Doctors advised her to have an abortion when it became clear her son would be born with severe brain deformities but Tonya Mossberg had different ideas when it came to her son Kauge.

The world miracle gets thrown around quite often, in the case of Kauge Mossberg of Sergeant Bluff.

No word fits him any better.

He was born with six brain deformities and was not expected to live past birth, three years later, Kauge is still fighting.

"There was no brain like Kauge's even without the deformity that doesn't have a name, they couldn't find a baby that had so many brain deformities," said Tonya Mossberg, Kauge's mother.

That's because Kauge was born with dead brain matter on the outside of his head and he's missing a piece of his skull.

Kauge was born with multiple brain deformities, including the one his mother Tonya Mossberg spoke of that has no name.

Mossberg said, "Human beings have white and gray matter, Kauge only has one. It's not white, it's not gray, it's something entirely different."

Even with all these disabilities Kauge is living a normal life, that is until recently.

In September Kauge had a seizure, that seizure has caused Tonya and Jesse Legore to make a very tough decision.

An X-L spike happens in people before siezures occur, for Kauge, those spike happen constantly.

"We can either give him anti-seizure medication, slow those spikes down and hopefully stop those seizures and stop the brain damage. Or we'll find out that these spikes is why his very very different brain is living," said Mossberg.

These challenges with Kauge are not the only thing the couple is living with.

Tonya has disabilites of her own caused by mutltiple car accidents and even has a brain tumor, causing her to struggle to take care of Kauge.

Mossberg stated, "He likes to bounce and to do that for fourty pounds, over, over, and over requires you to use your arms in a way that I can't. So even though it breaks my heart, there is times where I just can't do it."

It's not only Tonya who is struggling with her own fight, Legore suffers from multiple sclerosis but still provides for Kauge and the other six kids in the household.

He says whenever he is down, it's Kauge who brightens his day.

"If you're having a bad day and you're down, hang out with Kauge. And he puts a smile on your face, he just makes you think about things in a positive way. And how blessed I am to have him in my life and it makes me happier person," said Legore.

For Tonya and Jesse, Kauge's continued growth is something that didn't shock them at all.

"It doesn't surprise us because we believe that Kauge is here for a reason," said Mossberg.

To Help Out:

Donation cans are set up at Mike's Mini Mart and Dog Eat Dog in Sergeant Bluff --- Sioux City has a can set up at Mongers on Hamilton

Go FundMe Page: https://www.gofundme.com/baby-kauge-our-sweet-lil-survivor

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