MISSING FAMILY: children seek answers after parents, sister disappear Monday

Medina Gonzales family

A Sioux City family is awaiting information from investigators this evening, to determine if their family members might have been in the vehicle that went into the Missouri River Monday night.

We spoke with the family today at Chris Larsen park, the family says they filed a missing person report on Tuesday morning after not being able to locate their parents and sister.

Vanessa Medina Gonzales turned 17 years old today and is a West High student, 41-year-old Angelica Medina Gonzales and 51-year-old Salomon Medina are her parents.

They were last seen at the Walmart on Floyd Blvd after 3:00 P.M. on Monday.

They were in their Maroon Honda Civic EX with Iowa license plate EUH 225.

The family expressed frustration and concern and are calling on detectives to speed up their investigation.

"We heard about this accident from our friends, that started messaging us but police haven't said anything to us if it is them in the river. It is not fair that they haven't told us anything. They did not issue an Amber Alert, my sister is underage. Why haven't they issued an Amber Alert? Two adults were in the car. They don't know what happened to them or who has my sister. Why not issue an alert like they do for everyone else?" said Fernando Rodriguez and Brenda Rodriguez Medina Gonzales.

Brenda added that her parents left work at their normal time from Curlys foods went home and picked up Vanessa.

At this hour, they are waiting to hear back from Sioux City PD who are looking at surveillance footage from Walmart to determine what time the family left the store.

The Walmart surveillance is the key piece of evidence to determine if the vehicle in the river could be that of the Medina Gonzales family.

A news conference is planned for 10:00 A.M. Thursday to update the case.

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